Navigating Fame: A Couple's Rise To Digital Stardom (America's Gone Viral Interview With Hammy Tv) » Americas Gone Viral (2024)

Meet Ryan and Jennifer also known as Hammy Tv to their 6.3 million instagram followers, the dynamic duo behind the viral sensation in the digital realm. Ryan, a former Military Police Officer with a heart for humor, and Jennifer, a skilled makeup artist turned bartender, found their calling in creating content that captivates and entertains. Their journey began with social experiments and funny videos, eventually leading to a groundbreaking partnership that skyrocketed their presence across platforms: even being featured in an Adam Sandler Movie. With billions of views under their belt, they’ve redefined the meaning of success in the influencer landscape. Beyond the screens, they navigate their bustling careers with grace, cherishing the bond that fuels their creative synergy. Together, they embody resilience, dedication, and the power of laughter to transcend boundaries.

America’s Gone Viral’s own Brian Breach got a chance to see what’s going on in the world of Hammy Tv: Check out what they had to say below.

1. How did we get into shooting content together?
I (Ryan) had been shooting social experiments and funny videos for a few years before I met Jennifer. It was really only YouTube and Facebook back then. I had some good traction when we met, with some videos going pretty viral. But it wasn’t until I met Jen and we filmed together that everything clicked and exploded. Our first video we did together (I gave her female Viagra) did 220 million views on Facebook. That’s when I knew we had stumbled upon something magical.

2. How have we capitalized on the brand we’ve built together?
It’s odd to consider us a “brand,” but we technically are. First and foremost, we absolutely love and enjoy filming and making people laugh before anything else. Our audience is one amazing group of people, and they’re the most important to us. When you do 1 billion views every 2 months on all platforms, it really gives you a good amount of leverage. Our inbox is full of different brand opportunities who really want to work with us. This is quite amazing considering most influencers have teams who must look for brand deals for them. For us, they just come. When you do billions of views, this puts you in a very good position for brand deals which includes sometimes equity in a brand. We also get to work with some very serious and well-established companies. I would say how we capitalize is being in a position that 1. Brands reach out to us, not us to them. This already puts us in a great negotiation standpoint. 2. We already make a great amount of revenue off our views and monetization so we really are not surviving off brand deals. We are very picky with who we work with and only do long term. Of course, being able to work with celebs and some amazing public figures is a plus.

3. As a couple, is there ever pressure to get content out and have arguments ever stated over it?
This is a great question. We are very good at working together and communicating. That being said, we often have pages of ideas already drawn up ready to go and film. We never have really had a “fight” because of a video. Sometimes we can get annoyed with each other having to do a scene over and over, or if we are both a bit tired. A lot more goes into just a 15-30 seconds video than people think. My wife is great at scheduling days we film and days we have off. The trick is to never think of it as a job. That’s when it can lose its fun. We think of it as a blessing we can give to people and make people laugh and enjoy our content. Sometimes I scratch my head at a video getting 70 million views and just thinking of all the people all over the world seeing it and sharing and laughing. That’s the biggest reward. Stay away from ever making it “a job” and feel pressured to film. Having a good schedule and pages of video ideas to film ahead of time really helps things go smooth and keeps the pressure to a minimum.

Navigating Fame: A Couple's Rise To Digital Stardom (America's Gone Viral Interview With Hammy Tv) » Americas Gone Viral (1)

4. Were you always an entrepreneur your whole life?
Neither me or Jen know we’re entrepreneurs. I graduated from high school and went right into the US Army as a Military police officer. I did 4 years active and a 16-month tour in Iraq. After that, I worked in a psych ward for the state of Massachusetts. While I worked full time in a very difficult and demanding job, I always enjoyed and made time for filming. I always knew it would go big. Jennifer worked as a professional makeup artist and as a bartender full time. We would try to match our off days so we could film. It took us about 3 years of filming before we ever started generating actual revenue. Most people quit a week or two in. I knew it was correct and stayed the path. She believed in me as well and stuck with it for years. The trick is consistency and really staying with something for a good while.

5. What did you do before you were shooting content and how has things changed for you both since?
I did 4 years active and 3 reserves. After the Army, I was working full time in a Massachusetts psyche ward. Jen was a professional makeup artist and also worked as a bartender and for Chanel at Macy’s. Everything has changed since becoming a full-time influencer. You would think you are not putting in as much time as a job, you actually double it! We “work” I don’t call it work but 60 hours or so a week. Entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as it seems. There is no boss to say good job, there is none to say wake up and be here at this time. You just be very disciplined and passionate. We are very smooth together.

Navigating Fame: A Couple's Rise To Digital Stardom (America's Gone Viral Interview With Hammy Tv) » Americas Gone Viral (2)

6. What advice would you give to up-and-comers wanting to shoot content daily with their significant others?
My first piece of advice is to ignore the views and likes, especially the comments. You can’t critique anything until you at least have 100 videos out. It is truly consistency. Even meta has come out and said those posting 4-5 times a week get favored. Watch others bigger than you but similar niche and see how they do it. You’re going to fail over and over. But you will learn and get better and better. You also need to keep it fun. As I said, the second it turns into a “job” it loses the zest. It takes a strong relationship to make it, it takes a rock-solid relationship to make it and work together. We very much enjoy our mini vacations and can tell if we are not spending enough quality time together. We know each other extremely well. We are very vocal about how we are feeling etc. Just start. Start making content. Don’t worry about the lights, being perfect, sounds or getting a 1k camera. We just use an iPhone. Anybody can do it. It just takes constant work and dedication with the promise of nothing in return. That’s why in my opinion you gotta love it!

In the future you’re going to see a lot more incredible content from the digital duo Hammy Tv!

Navigating Fame: A Couple's Rise To Digital Stardom (America's Gone Viral Interview With Hammy Tv) » Americas Gone Viral (2024)


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